sbpy Documentation

sbpy is an Astropy affiliated package for small-body planetary astronomy.

For an overview on the expected structure and functionality of sbpy, please refer to the About sbpy page; the Status Page page provides an overview on the implementation status of all modules and functions.


sbpy is functional, but incomplete, and under heavy development. Expect API changes between v0.1 and v0.2. However, the code’s functionality will remain the same. Starting with v0.2, we expect most modules will have a stable API.

The development of sbpy is expected to conclude with version 1.0 in 2021.

Current Status

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sbpy is supported by NASA PDART Grant No. 80NSSC18K0987.

If you use sbpy in your work, please acknowledge it by citing

and also please consider using the bib reference tracking system to properly acknowledge and reference the methods you used in the preparation of your manuscript.

The sbpy Team is introduced here.