Status Page

This page indicates the development status of sbpy. The development is expected to conclude in 2024.

The current development version is; its status is as follows:

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Current development status

The current development status of sbpy sub-modules is indicated in the following tables. The column Dev indicates the lead developer (MM: Michael Mommert, MSK: Michael S. Kelley, MdVB: Miguel de Val-Borro, JYL: Jian-Yang Li) for the respective sub-packages and classes.

Actively developed, be prepared for possible significant changes.
Reasonably stable, but potentially incomplete; any significant changes/additions will generally include backwards-compatiblity.
Mature. Additions/improvements possible, but no major changes planned.
Pending deprecation. Might be deprecated in a future version.
Deprecated. Might be removed in a future version.

Sub-Packages and Classes   Dev Comments MM fully implemented MM / MdVB Lowell ASTORB functionality TBD MM / MdVB NAIF SPICE input TBD MM fully implemented MM OpenOrb ranging to be implemented MM waiting for Lowell ASTORB functionality for physical properties queries


Sub-Packages and Classes   Dev Comments
sbpy.activity.dust MSK Halley-Marcus phase function implemented; *Afρ* and *εfρ* classes fully implemented; syndynes and synchrones TBD
sbpy.activity.gas MSK / MdVB Haser and Vectorial models implemented
sbpy.activity.sublimation JYL TBD


Sub-Packages and Classes   Dev Comments
sbpy.photometry JYL Disk integrated phase functions implemented: HG, HG1G2, HG12, HG12_Pen16, linear phasecurve; disk-resolved phase functions TBD.
sbpy.photometry.hapke JYL Hapke photometric model TBD.
sbpy.photometry.dust JYL Phase function of dust grains in cometary comae TBD


Sub-Packages and Classes   Dev Comments
sbpy.shape.lightcurve MSK / MdVB lightcurve periodicity modeling tools and wrappers (periodograms, Fourier analysis) TBD
sbpy.shape.inversion MSK / MdVB Kaasalainen lightcurve inversion tool interface TBD


Sub-Packages and Classes   Dev Comments
sbpy.spectroscopy MdVB some preliminary methods for absorption and emission spectroscopy implemented
sbpy.spectroscopy.reflectance MdVB tools for identification of asteroid reflectance spectra TBD
sbpy.spectroscopy.spectrophotometry MdVB spectrophotometry tools TBD.
sbpy.spectroscopy.sources MSK / MdVB `synphot` integration complete, basic quantities (bandpass filtering, color index) complete
sbpy.spectroscopy.hapke JYL Hapke spectral mixing model, TBD


Sub-Packages and Classes   Dev Comments
sbpy.thermal JYL / MM currently under development


Sub-Packages and Classes   Dev Comments
sbpy.imageanalysis.comettools MSK comet coma image enhancement tools and image handling TBD
sbpy.imageanalysis.psfsubtraction MSK PSF subtraction techniques and wrappers TBD.


Sub-Packages and Classes   Dev Comments
sbpy.obsutil MSK / MdVB finder charts, general observability and peak observability, planning tools, etc. TBD


Sub-Packages and Classes   Dev Comments
sbpy.bib MSK/MdVB/MM fully implemented


Sub-Packages and Classes   Dev Comments
sbpy.calib.sun MSK sbpy.calib.sun implemented and fully tested
sbpy.calib.vega MSK sbpy.calib.vega implemented and fully tested
sbpy.calib MSK calibration system (photometric and spectroscopic) fully implemented