Returns conversion of the integrated line intensity at 300 K (from the JPL molecular spectra catalog) to a chosen temperature


Phys object that contains the following data, using units for the required units:

  • Transition frequency in MHz

  • Temperature in Kelvins

  • Integrated line intensity at 300 K in MHz * nm**2

  • Partition function at 300 K (Dimensionless)

  • Partition function at designated temperature (Dimensionless)

  • Upper state degeneracy (Dimensionless)

  • Upper level energy in Joules

  • Lower level energy in Joules

  • Degrees of freedom (Dimensionless)

Keywords that can be used for these values are found under fieldnames documentation. We recommend the use of the JPL Molecular Spectral Catalog and the use of from_jplspec to obtain these values in order to maintain consistency and because all calculations can be handled within sbpy scope if JPLSpec is used. Yet, if you wish to use your own molecular data, it is possible. Make sure to inform yourself on the values needed for each function, their units, and their interchangeable keywords as part of the Phys data class.


Integrated line intensity at designated temperature in MHz * nm**2, which can be appended to the original object for future calculations


Picket et al 1998, JQSRT 60, 883-890